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Teaching Staff

We have 11 classes at Ivy Chimneys Primary School led by an experienced and hardworking team of teachers and support staff.

The Leadership Team

The EYFS Team
The Year 1 & 2 Team
The Year 3 & 4 Team
The Year 5 & 6 Team
The Office Team and Site Manager
The Breakfast and Afterschool Club Team
The Catering Team

2019-20 Class Teachers and Classes

Gemma Leach Larch Class Foundation
Holly Laing (EYFS Leader) Ash Class Foundation
Elaine Williams Chestnut Class Year 1&2
Julie Spears Birch Class Year 1&2
Caroline Ives (Year 1&2 Phase Leader) / Karina Darcy Elm Class Year 1&2
Rachel Norton Rowan Class Year 3&4
Jo Gladstone (Year 3&4 Phase Leader) Plane Class Year 3&4
Michelle Mulholland Hornbeam Class Year 3&4
Julie Kaleel Maple Class Year 5&6
Andy Jones (Deputy Head Teacher, Year 5&6 Leader)/Jo Roberts Beech Class Year 5&6
Laura Burton Walnut Class Year 5&6
Clare Cooper Inclusion Leader & SENCo