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Trauma Perceptive Practice

All staff at Ivy Chimneys have received Trauma Perceptive Practice (TPP) training. We expect staff to demonstrate the core vales of TPP principles with our pupils. TPP principles are reflected in our Positive Relationships & Behaviour Policy which recognises that the good relationships we create with children will have the greatest influence on their interactions with us and one another.


A shift in our mindset to a trauma-informed description of vulnerable children can create:

• Compassion and kindness instead of blame and shame

• Hope instead of hopelessness

• Connection and belonging rather than disconnection


You can read more about TPP and trauma in the leaflet below and by watching the video about early brain development.


How a child's brain develops through early experiences

This 'Brain Builders' video explains how experiences in the first years of our lives affect how our brains form. Science tells us that the stress of abuse or neglect can damage the basic structures of a child's developing brain. Without the right help, it can put them at risk of a lifetime of health problems, developmental issues and addiction.