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School Attendance


Regular attendance and punctuality are top priorities with staff and Governors at Ivy Chimneys Primary School. 

Our attendance target for 2020/21 is 96.5%


We realise that for our pupils to achieve a good standard of academic and social success in school they need to attend school on a regular basis.  We also understand that we need to work closely with families and outside support agencies in order that our policy is successful.


Something to think about...


Attendance statistics over a 1 year period:

98% absence = 4 days off school

95% absence = 10 days off school

90% absence = 4 weeks off school

85% absence = 5.5 weeks off school

80% absence = 7.5 weeks off school


Attendance statistics over a 5 year period:

85-90% absence = half a year off school

80% absence = 38 weeks off school - this is a whole year!




Regulations on attendance require us to record any unauthorised absence. Regular attendance is essential – the Governing Body is concerned that absence is kept to the absolute minimum. 


Authorised absence is defined as:- 


  • Sickness or unavoidable cause 
  • Religious observance 


If your child is ill or absent from school for any reason please telephone the school on the day of each intended absence. If no explanation is forthcoming, or if school considers that the reason given is not sufficient to justify non-attendance, then the absence is unauthorised. This is noted on the child’s report and all absences are reported to the Department for Education annually. If a pupil’s attendance falls below 95% in a school term families will be notified in writing. 



We strongly encourage annual holidays to be taken out of term time. Leave of absence taken during term time should only be based on exceptional circumstances.  

Our absence line number is 01992 578162. Please call this number if your child is going to be absent from school. This is a 24 hour number with an answerphone attached.  You can also use the link on this website to email the school and report an absence.


Please be aware that school policy is that if a child has vomited or has had diarrhoea, they should remain at home for 48 hours from the last bout of illness.


ABSENCE LINE 01992 578162