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Little Musketeers is an exciting club inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing. Our engaging and varied programmes appeal to a child’s sense of play and are taught in a fun, safe and educational environment. What child has not grown up pretending to be a swashbuckling pirate, a duelling musketeer, or even the master of swordplay himself, Zorro? Why do they do it? Because it’s fun!


Classes are designed and managed by Olympian and 4 time British Champion James Beevers. All our coaches are trained personally by James and hold enhanced DBS certificates.


Little Musketeers are proud to be internationally endorsed by Olympians, educators and scientists from across the world. All equipment is either plastic or foam and gives children the real feel of fencing.



COST£5 per week (£55 for 11 weeks)
LEAD ADULTLittle Musketeers

1) Please visit and select LOGIN and then Participant


  • Existing users: continue to step 2.
  • New Users - register by completing PARENT/GUARDIAN REGISTRATION (on the right of the screen) and Select MY PARTICIPANTS and register your child using ADD PARTICIPANT each time. When complete go to step 3 below.


2) Complete the Parent/Guardian Login (left of screen)

3) Select BOOK (top right of screen) then search with school name and click FIND.

4) Select REGISTER for your desired class (NOTE: year groups, weekday, time etc.)

5) Select the child(ren) you want to register (by ticking the 'select' column next to their name and then click continue

6) Select the Green 'Checkout' button and follow online payment instructions.


Separate confirmation emails will be sent upon both successful registration and payment. (For assistance, please email

Wednesday 11th September 2024

Last session:
Wednesday 11th December 2024
INFORMATION TO NOTEFor more information please see document attached.


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