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Personal & Character Development

At Ivy Chimneys, there is a strong focus on personal development through our ‘All About Me’ framework. The core purpose of the framework is to ensure that children come to understand who they are and what they can do. Our ambitions for children are described through the 7 strands of the ‘All About Me’ Personal Development Framework:


Community Me:     British Values, Active Citizens, The Environment, Relationships, Respect, Responsibility,   


Caring for Me:       Mental Health, Well-being, Physical Health, Self-esteem, Personal Safety 


Thinking Me:         Speak confidently, Express opinions, Debate, Explain, Justify, Reason


Enterprising Me:   Innovate, Negotiate, Lead, Collaborate, Organise, Problem-solve, Manage Money,       

                               Manage Time

Future Me:             Have ambitions, Understand Careers, Life-long Learning, Talents, Interests, Commitment


Adventurous Me:  Grit, Resilience, Teamwork, Managing Risk


Knowing Me:         Self-awareness, Meta-Cognition, Independence, Reflection, Growth-Mindset, Motivation