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School Development Plan 2023-26



School Development Key Priorities 2023-2026: Ivy Chimneys Primary School

Trust Priority 1

Quality of Education:

Great Teaching

Great Curriculum

Improve the quality of education to exceptional by: 

  • Embedding the new phonics programme
  • Improving pupils’ number fluency, number sense and automaticity (NCETM, Mathematics mastery)
  • Developing learners' thinking, speaking and memory skills 

Trust Priority 2 

Behaviour and Attitudes:

Great Culture 

Improve the Behaviour and Attitudes of pupils to exceptional by:

  • Developing a structured behaviour curriculum
  • Improving outdoor play and learning opportunities (OPAL)

Trust Priority 3 

Personal Development:

Great Curriculum

Great Culture

Improve the personal development of pupils to exceptional by:

  • Providing meaningful leadership and mentoring opportunities for all pupils
  • Broadening opportunities within the Becoming Me personal development framework

Trust Priority 4 

Leadership and Management:

Operations and Growth 

Improve the effectiveness of Leadership and management to exceptional by

  • Prioritising teacher learning
  • Refining early identification and intervention for disadvantaged pupils
  • Reducing persistent absence
  • Ensuring governors understand and carry out their roles very effectively, holding leaders to account 

Trust Priority 5 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Improve the effectiveness of EYFS to exceptional by

  • Refining early identification and intervention for disadvantaged pupils
  • Refining teaching of mathematics to reflect NCETM project aims