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Maths Help Videos - Created by Ivy Children

To help you with key concepts in mathematics, the children at Ivy Chimneys have created these help videos. 


If you use these to check your understanding of something we have studied at school, build on what you have learned at a pre-teach session or get help with homework, we would be interested in your comments. You can add these below. Perhaps you might even make a request for a video!


Year 1&2 Maths Topics

Addition Using a 100 Square by Birch Class



Addition Using a Number Line by Chestnut Class



Drawing a Number Line by Elm Class



Year 3&4 Maths Topics

Short Division Using the Bus Stop Method by Rowan Class



Addition using the column method by Plane Class



Roman Numerals to 100 by Hornbeam Class



Year 5&6 Maths Topics

Adding Fractions With The Same Denominators by Maple Class



Long Multiplication by Beech Class



Bubble Method for finding %s of Numbers by Walnut Class